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“Patrick Lencioni, in his classic, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, quotes an entrepreneur as claiming, If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.The good news is, core values can help you achieve this.

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Come back to them in a month and see if they need any tweaking.

Then announce them throughout the organization, and use them in hiring and decision-making.”What behaviors will the company value over making a quick buck?

The ceremonies and communications for the awards can show how the values are lived out in real operating conditions and give leadership a platform to highlight values that need strengthening. I was connecting with schools from around the world as well as artists from all corners of the globe.

I learned that honesty goes a long way and so does a little bit of fun.

In other words, when and how should a customer be fired—before your team quits because of the customer’s bad behavior? If your team spends precious time complaining about a customer at the water cooler, when they should be talking about creative ways to make your company fantastic—what does that say about your core value of team first?

When and how should the success of the team be rewarded as a team, and not unfairly rewarding those who just “appear” to be superstars? The fantastic service at your company may be why your sales people are killing their quotas—not because of some magical sales powers.

If you have an overly agreeable group, make sure they genuinely agree on the core values, and are not just saying yes to maintain group harmony.

After you have arrived at your values, don’t announce them yet.

It is perhaps the best business decision I have ever made.” “Defining a company’s core values begins with having a clear understanding of an organization’s mission statement, as well as establishing among the leadership how to best serve clients, employees and the community.

Core values developed through a collaborative effort maximizes the vested interest of all involved, and that buy in is critical.

And a corollary question, which sub teams should be rewarded for fantastic efforts and when? If it’s a core value to keep things light and happy, you can absolutely require that behavior.

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