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After mid-April (typically after Easter), most airfare and lodging prices drop as a result of the "high-demand" period ending.The last week of April and the first week of May are often a time when most Japanese visitors will arrive due to the "Golden Week" holiday in Japan.Water temperatures measure near the high 70°F (21° C) mark this time of year, and the surf begins to die down as the trade winds let up.

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When planning your trip, the following graphic should provide a general overview of the statewide average prices for hotels during various times of the year.

The data below was aggregated and visually repurposed from 2017-2019 Infrastructure & Performance Reports by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

If you have questions about the weather in Hawaii, you can learn about the general weather conditions on our Hawaii Weather page.

If you're still trying to determine which island is best for you, be sure to take our quiz Which Hawaiian Island to Visit →As you might expect, when more visitors are traveling and staying on the islands - both accommodation and flight costs will increase in tandem with the crowds.

Thus, if you are flying from the East Coast or the Midwest, the most expensive flight you pay for might ironically be the continental flight to the West Coast.

According to the tourism authority in the islands, July continues to be the with the most visitor arrivals.

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