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Well i have been to many places in India and Mumbai by far is the best place to be if you are looking for casual sex in India. i am not promoting it), however, compared the tier two or tier three cities Mumbai has a huge supply for this market to serve the demand and hence this helps control the inflation in this business.

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So it’s not like they are the best of the people, but they understand these basics of business.

Please note not all dance bars and massage parlors have such services.

But after all the experience and the knowledge of where and how things work these days need not be the same five years down the line and this scenario was not the same 5 to 10 years ago and places keep changing and bars which once used to do that have stopped doing it.

But the market is still on and the business is still going on as thy find different and new ways.

It they are only dancing and just come and stand beside you that are not the right dance bar.

You can also befriend the waiters and ask them the rules of the bar.

So many of the guys these days calculate those things and rather prefer to save their time and utilize it on other work and do not want to carry the baggage that comes with the girl and the relationship.

I am sorry I don’t mean to offend any girl or be sexist but then this is all what I have observed around. However, I have just tried to keep things generic and did not share any specific incidents.

After all the people you meet and after all the fun that you had there comes a point where this sort of fun will not excite you anymore and one gets bored of it.

I used to find this fascinating earlier but have been there done that and now I don’t feel that urge anymore you will look for more meaning full relationship not necessary in relationships, you might find meaning in doing something meaningful such as creating a new business or a developing new hobby and move on from all these temporary things which do get monotonous after a point like any other thing.

He might have contacts of women who operate individually and will entertain you only via referral.


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