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American millennials have taken the blame for everything from rising avocado prices to a decline in church membership. In a strangely accusatory article, Bloomberg attributed the plummeting divorce rate in the U. Kids today with their serious commitments and their solid relationship-building skills. Many in this generation are waiting until they’re over 30 to get married, so their marriages are less likely to end in divorce.The city itself teetered on the edge of bankruptcy in March 2014 when Connersville Mayor Leonard Urban declared a fiscal emergency.

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Dating groundwork community

The town has a total population of 19,225 people, and 30.1% of residents live below the poverty line.

Campbellsville University, a Christian college, dominates the local culture and contributes significantly to the local economy.

The following 20 towns have the highest divorce rates in the U. These micropolitan statistical areas have populations between 10,000 and 70,000, and an above-average number of divorcees. The Brookings area covers approximately 12 square miles along the coast and has a population of over 19,500 people.

Results | Methodology & Sources Brookings is in Curry County, Oregon, and it has the distinction of housing more divorcees than any other U. You wouldn’t guess from looking at this scenic destination and close-knit community that divorce is so prevalent.

“Since the day I took office, we’ve been cutting back.” Campbellsville may be shaped like a heart, but its high divorce rate suggests that it isn’t all happily ever afters in this Kentucky town.

Around 16.4% of residents are divorced, 2% are separated, and 7% are widowed.Maybe Taos residents are simply too artsy and adventurous to settle down for long.Or maybe low income is keeping singles from building a family.Only 47.3% of residents over 15 years old are married (55% of all Americans are married), and 16.9% are divorced with an additional 2% separated from their spouses.The Florida city has a total population of over 67,000 adults from coast to coast.Don’t worry, though — America’s long-held tradition of splitting up and remarrying and splitting up again is alive and well in many parts of the country. Census Bureau data, 20% of Brookings residents are divorced.

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