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I wanted to try the site for 1 month to see if it was legit. Your customer service is terrible, as within 1 minute of the billing error I requested it is changed but "no refunds".Your site is ripping people off with fake profiles and photos.Also, does not remove accounts, free or paid, even after you cancel your membership.

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However, not having this symbol does not automatically mean that someone is not a real person.

Before signing up at you should know that all the photos, videos, and images you upload to their site becomes their property and can be used in their marketing and advertising purposes without your permission.

Not like many other dating sites online, different various customization choices are available to allow users to inhibit what they see.

On the other hand, the website grants members access to the erotic and sizzling videos of Fling Live Girls.

is a new type of online dating site that accommodates all types of online person-to-person relationships, from those looking to possibly find a soul mate to those looking for just some short term fun.

Mostly, however, caters to people who are looking for “flings.” Their site has lots of adult content, in photos, adult personals, and even webcam interactions that allow you to interact with other members live.

example: sent to the company with no results: I was on the phone with your agent Victoria while doing the signup. As soon as she informed me that it recorded 1 year instead of 1 month I stopped and exited as she told me.

As I feared, your site has very few local people and you keep accounts active that are not using the site. This is a total rip off and I will pursue this with my credit card company.

Profiles are arranged by popularity, distance, hotness, and more.


  1. Mobile dating went mainstream about five years ago; by 2012 it was overtaking online dating.

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  3. Of the amount surveyed, an astounding 99% of organization's that allowed interoffice dating did not allow them between a supervisor and a direct report.

  4. It works on a website, but it’s overkill on an app, and the amount of scrolling required makes it annoying to access. Facebook verification helps block a percentage of bots and catfishers from creating accounts, and without it, Ok Cupid loses a level of reliability.

  5. Whether you know exactly which type of lady you want to spend time with or you need some help figuring it out, we can match you up with hot babes that will make your dreams come true.

  6. Although these studies reveal domains of risk associated with TDV perpetration, it is challenging to translate these findings into a preventive framework.

  7. Top party trimmings typically found at singles events so we have done away with them.

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