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Later he tracks down the lady and they start a relationship. Zac won two Teen Choice Awards for the movie, and one Peoples Choice Award. in our list of Zac Efron Movies; The movie is full of romance, drama and fantasy.

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Zac Efron Movies of the previous years had been a failure, That Awkward Moment came as a relief.

Zac Efron received the Award for Best Shirtless Performance by The MTV Awards.

in our list of Zac Efron Movies; This American drama is directed by Josh Radnor. The movie received positive reviews but didn’t get a financial success at the box office.

in our list of Zac Efron Movies; This musical romantic comedy is one of those Zac Efron Movies released after he gained fame from High School Musicals.

The plot follows a couple with a newborn do every possible thing to get rid of the new moved in fraternity.

Receiving positive reviews this was one of high grossing Zac Efron Movies.Zac again backed the MTV Award for Best Shirtless performance and for the best On-screen duo which he shared with Dave Franco. The worldwide grossing of the movie was over 6 million.The movie and the stars were nominated in multiple categories. in our list of Zac Efron Movies; This is one of the Zac Efron Movies which is an adaption, the plot is adapted from the Nickolas sparks novel of the same our list of Zac Efron Movies; The storyline starts when a 37-year man turns to his 17-year self after an encounter with a mysterious janitor on a visit to his high school premises. The movie made a huge success on the box office because Zac had developed a fandom amongst the females especially.Zac stars as a US military man in Iraq who finds a photograph of a young women and decides to keep it as a lucky charm.A reporter returns to his hometown in order to investigate a murder.

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