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At the GRAF Shield control center, Xenobius is staying up late trying to get the GRAF Shield working properly.

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The officer also informs him of a small spaceship hiding behind the asteroid, trying to avoid detection by Neosapien sensors.

Shiva assumes it to be an Exofleet craft and orders a flight of E-frames to dispatch it, but another Neosapien, a scientist named Xenobius, enters the room and suggests that his GRAF (gravitational focus) shield be used instead.

Provided by Adam Keith ([email protected]) One year after the devastating battle near Earth against the Neosapien armada, the Exofleet remains docked in orbit around Jupiter.

While repairs to the damaged fleet continue, the members of Able Squad are finally released from the Resolute's brig after serving their year-long prison sentence for their mutinous actions surrounding Lieutenant Marsh's arrest.

Minister of War Typhonus enters and reports that his agents have discovered a planned rendezvous between Exofleet forces and the Resistance.

Shiva briefly muses on whether the destroyed exofighter could have been carrying the Exofleet forces in question, and then asks himself if the fighter itself could have been a decoy.

When the computer prompts him to make another request, he wistfully replies, "Yes..me a genius." On a precipice in sight of the control center, Marsh and Napier plan out a diversionary attack by the Resistance while the Exofleet pilots make the real strike on the center.

The two return to a clearing in the forest where the others and their E-frames are waiting to begin their attack. about having to lie to Napier about the mission, saying that the possibility of a Neosapien agent justified his actions.

Back in the barn outside Phaeton City, Napier and Marsh discuss the night's events and the Neosapien ambush.

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