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See full summary » Director: Douglas Schwartz Hunters wound a grizzly bear in a national forest in Alaska.

Soon after, the wounded bear goes off and kills several other hunters, hikers, campers, the sheriff and a little boy scout. See full summary » Directors: Richard Bansbach, Robert E. Kelley, Josh Thomas Post-production A depressed State government worker who's only joy is hiking with his beagle tracks Bigfoot to a broken spaceship hidden deep in the mountains. See full summary » Director: Anton Doiron One for the Road is a ski film following some of the world's most progressive snow sports athletes, documenting their lives on the road, and capturing some of the most stunning riding to ...

The scenic course offers views of mountains, glaciers, forests, and the ocean.

The events are run at sea level on the lightly traveled, two-lane Douglas Highway/North Douglas Highway in Juneau, Alaska.

The moderately hilly course has been compared in difficulty to the Boston Marathon.

“We will continue to suffer job loss and outward migration if these vetoes are allowed,” said Nadine Lefebvre, president of the Alaska Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Many of the speakers stressed that such massive cuts to the state budget, particularly those to the state’s education system, would make the state less attractive to investment and leave the state ill-equipped to compete in a competitive marketplace.

Announced The true story of the ongoing corruption that runs rampant in Alaska.

Alaska-based oil companies bribe politicians, engage in racketeering all in a conspiracy to rob Alaska of its oil wealth, much of it done right out in the open.

Amy Jo Meiners, former Alaska teacher of the year, talked about the challenges schools face trying to plan amid unpredictable funding. “How can we expect people to live with that fear, year after year?

” Hundreds attend a rally in front of the Capitol calling for an override of Gov.

“Dividends do little towards job creation,” he said.

“Is Governor Dunleavy walking back his ‘open for business’ promise? He is,” said Kate Troll, a former Juneau Assembly member. ‘No pain for Alaska,’ he said.” The overall sentiment at the rally was perhaps best articulated by Jane Andreen of AARP: “We’re doubling the (permanent fund dividend) at the expense of state services.” Dunleavy has promised to pay a roughly ,000 dividend this year, what he says is the full statutory amount.

Note: The previous owner of this website has moved out of Alaska and purposely did not update it but kept the information available as a valuable educational reference.

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