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The components were always in an associated telephone or Bellset.

The Candlestick circuitry is the same as a Telephone No. Go to the 100 & 200 telephone page for more information.

On brass candlesticks which have been vigorously cleaned the two stems running vertically down the ‘stick’ can be seen quite distinctly.

This construction method made possible elaborately stepped bases and octagonal faceted stems.

Too much brass and the earpiece doesn't look right.

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These receivers have gone brown over the years and in a lot of cases, the Ebonite has fallen off. The give-away is that the bases and stems are made of brass, not steel, although these are often covered with black paint.

Always ensure that the original earpiece cover is fitted, as this is a slimmer version of the 100 & 200 telephone earpiece and generally has a dimple on the edge. Another manufacturer based in the north of England was using a mixture of genuine bases, stems and mouthpiece assemblies together with reproduction bell receivers and switch-hook assemblies.

GPO Candlestick telephones are normally made from steel, with a cast iron base, that has a rubber strip set into it.


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