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The latter risk was chosen and, as feared, because of the low melting point of the bronze and uneven cooling, the bell was damaged.

The present bell is sometimes referred to as Kolokol III (Bell III), because it is the third recasting; remnants from the old bell were melted down and the metal reused to cast the new bell.

Two bells were cast under his direction at Abingdon which also held two others cast by St. Although these attracted trade from the surrounding countryside, mediaeval founders did not confine themselves to bellmaking as their only source of livelihood.

The angles at the crown and soundbow were gradually flattened out and the waist became shorter, flaring toward the mouth.

Although tuning methods were still uncertain and empirical, sets of bells in diatonic sequence were installed at important parish churches and monasteries. 1609–1667) and his brother Pieter, Pierre, or Peter Hemony (1619–1680) were the greatest carillon bell founders in the history of the Low Countries.

They developed the carillon, in collaboration with Jacob van Eyck, into a full-fledged musical instrument by casting the first tuned carillon in 1644.

The Hemony Brothers are regarded as the first of the modern western bell-founders who used a scientific approach to casting the optimum shape and tuning bells to enable them to be harmonically tuned.

A practitioner of the craft is called a bellfounder or bellmaker.

Bellfounding in Britain, as with other scientific crafts, had its origins with monasticism and throughout the early mediaeval period and in centuries following, it was carried out predominantly by monks.

Verdigris forms a protective patina on the surface of the bell which coats it against further oxidation.

The hardest and strongest bronze contains large amounts of tin and little lead though an alloy with more than 25 per cent tin will have a low melting point and become brittle and susceptible to cracking.

Bellfounding is the casting of bells in a foundry for use in churches, clocks, and public buildings.

The term also usually includes the tuning of the bell.

Bellfounding has been important throughout the history of ancient civilizations.


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