Dating a dutch

Travel is a much-loved subject to chat about, so when you are on a date with a Dutchie, bring this subject up, it is usually a crowd pleaser.

With the Netherlands being one of the most socially progressive country’s in the world, expect the Dutch to also be the least ‘sexist’ of cultures.

It is important to have an opinion – but be open-minded and accepting of other people’s opinions.

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You have your apartment, job and local Albert Heijn within 500 metres of your place sorted.

You have started to make friends and you have definitely started to notice how beautiful the Dutch are – tall, blonde, graceful Europeans gliding around on bikes all day. Same goes if you are wanting to date a Dutch man – don’t think he isn’t necessarily interested if he doesn’t come and talk to you.

This is part of the Dutch culture and if you want to be in a relationship with a Dutch person you better learn to accept it!

So, you’ve come to the Netherlands, fell in love with some ridiculously tall, yet handsome, Dutch guy.

They are practical, so showing up to a date wearing 9-inch heels and a glitter body-con dress probably isn’t the best first impression. The Dutch believe that it is better to be honest (on date number one) rather than dance around the big topics and find things out later on.

Assertiveness and confidence will get you much further when on a date with a Dutch national than playing games.

Word like ‘lekker ding’ is especially helpful during flirting!

Dutch students live often rather long with their families or are very emotionally connected to them.

What is it that makes the Dutch different from other guys?

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