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He has a fragile ego and he’ll want you to keep him feeling strong and appreciated.

Be prepared to work as hard as she does to refrain from drama or uncomfortable moments, for she will not give up until they’re gone.

Here are a few dating tips for men of the twelve astrology signs.

One great thing about the Libra woman is her unassuming nature.

She is social and fun and always at ease with herself and those around her.

She gets along well with all walks of life, so starting a conversation with her is a breeze.

And she will charm you within minutes with her witty repartee and flirtatious banter, inviting you to join in her light-hearted manner.

You must accept his independent nature if you want to get serious with him.

And he will want to get serious with you if you’re the one.

Expect things like rock climbing, salsa dancing, or white water rafting, for he wants to see if you can keep up with his love of a challenge.

To score extra points with him, compliment him on his creative choices and his ability to conquer any activity with ease.

For, once you upset the delicate balance that is his pride, you’ll discover his quick temper and be ready for a breakup.

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