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The 1602 m Sněžka Mountain located between the Czech Republic and Poland is the highest summit of the Giant Mountains.

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The Czech landscape is built up of several sedimentary basins surrounded and divided by mountains: the Bohemian Forest, also referred to as the “green roof of Europe”, is located at the Austrian-German border in the southwest of the country and comprises large parts of the Šumava National Park.

This park is both part of a precious nature reserve and a popular tourism destination.

In the northwest, the Ore Mountains form a natural border to the German Saxony; to the southeast the Central Bohemian Uplands stretch along the River Elbe.

The Sudetes form the north eastern edge of the Bohemian Basin.Back home to UK, Prague is superb and the architecture magnificent.We were lucky to be in town square yesterday when a magnificent military display took place, it was fantastic. My memories of Prague will last a long time I hope to come back. I've never been there, but I know Prague virtually, I've gotten on the tram that greases the rails, and it goes all over Prague, and I can say it's wonderful and invites you to visit it.While watching the snowfall here, yesterday, you could still see the far bank across the river and beyond.It was interesting seeing the effect of urban-warming when comparing the view from the airport, which is just a few miles north of the city, where you could hardly see the runway it was snowing so hard.The Czech Republic is member of the NATO and the European Union.

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