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It was all going swimmingly until I asked where they knew each other from and I nearly choked on my wine when one piped up with: “From antenatal class.” I realised they weren’t joking when they pulled out pictures of their children and flashed wedding rings at me. Dating bootcamps can teach you some things but they can’t make you a mind-reader.

We cheered as we heard about the night’s successes and advice was given to those who struggled.

It was as though we had formed our very own dating support group.

Arriving for the two-day event at a hotel in central London, I had no idea what to expect.

I worried I’d meet a bunch of Bridget Jones-esque girls who cried into their wine glasses about how they wanted a man to complete their life so ­ I was surprised to face a group of attractive, smart women aged 22 to 34.

“You’ll have spoken to at least 20 guys and be feeling confident and ready to do it alone.”I looked around and saw I wasn’t the only one looking petrified. We were given various chat-up lines to try from the simple “Can I chat you up?

” to asking the man which superhero he’d like to be and using that to start a conversation.

He was quite quick-witted and before I knew it I’d insulted him.

I managed to turn it around but was told I must try harder.

A s we set out for a local bar we were accompanied by Kelvin and Rafael, two trainers who ordered us about like soldiers, making sure we approached men and started up conversations. I used the chat-up lines, tried to be warm and friendly and sometimes merely fluttered my eyelashes to get men talking to me.

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