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The use of these sounds led multiple journalists and bloggers to categorized the works of Crystal Castles under an 8-bit chiptune genre that the duo did not intend to be classified as; this categorization was further affected by the coincidence of an early 1980s arcade game by Atari named Crystal Castles (1983).

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Crystal Castles in Helsinki, Finland, in June On January 20, Alice put strain on a previous foot injury during a Spanish show in November in Tokyo, causing her ankle to break.

The band also played Connect and in October they played at the Iceland Airwaves festival.

I've actually read some very positive reviews for the 2004 demos."We both hate video games.

We were just breaking apart electronics and toys to get annoying sounds.

The single was released on March 31, 2008 although the song had leaked in 2006.

According to vocalist Alice Glass, the song "is about human taxidermy, the idea of preserving the beauty of a lover the way you would an animal".The two met each other in 2004 and both had an interest in noise music acts like AIDS Wolf.This inspired the two to start a project that made noise music, but instead of guitars, they would using electronic sounds made with a circuit-bent Atari 5200, which led multiple journalists to describe their genre of music as a chiptune style they did not intend it to be categorized as.Crystal Castles is a compilation of sold-out singles that made the duo famous internationally, as well as unreleased demos recorded in 2004 and three new cuts produced for the album: "Untrust Us, "Courtship Dating," and "Tell Me What to Swallow." The content on the LP includes samples of tracks from acts such as Death from Above 1979, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Luciano Berio, Drinking Electricity, and Van She.Some professional music journalists highlighted its random and unpredictable nature as well as its unique style and sound.call-and-response single "Courtship Dating" is about human taxidermy. Pitchfork and the Torontoist blog published stories about Crystal Castles' use of Trevor Brown 's artwork without his permission.


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