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If online browsing has brought you to Cougar Life, chances are our community has what you're looking for.At Cougar Life, we're all about the new modern, cougar lifestyle that's definitely not your mother's cougar bar.Cougars bring their experience in life (and relationships), their maturity, their confidence (in and out of the bedroom), and their ability to see the bigger picture.

The only requirement is that you're a woman who enjoys dating younger guys.

The younger men who date sexy, older women are affectionately referred to as "cubs".

Many people have different ideas about when a woman falls under the “cougar” category.

Some apply it to women who pursue sexual relationships with men who are over eight years younger than them.

The origin of the phrase is unclear, but it is thought to have started in Canada, and later became an established term by dating website

Famous women who have been classed as cougars in the past include Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Madonna and Mariah Carey, and even the likes of Cleopatra.

The concept has been featured in a number of TV shows and movies.

A film called Cougar Club was released in 2007, starring Faye Dunaway and Carrie Fisher.

And in 2009 a reality show called The Cougar aired in America which featured an older woman choosing a boyfriend from 20 younger men.

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