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The first satellite, the EROS A, was launched on December 5, 2000 from Svobodny Launch Complex using a Russian Start-1.

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But his opinion did not become dominant in the defense department, and in 1984, Defense Minister Moshe Arens insisted on resuming the program.

In 1984 the National Space Knowledge Center was established in cooperation with Israel Aircraft Industries; a contract was signed between IAI and Ministry of Defence for the development of the needed infrastructure and of Israel's first observation satellite.

In 1982, the Israel Space Agency was created, which is responsible for coordinating the space program of Israel.

The following year, the new head of military intelligence, Ehud Barak, suspended all work, and advocated the winding down of all projects, and planned to transfer the released financial resources to fulfill more priority tasks, he said.

The program included timelines, planning for a ground station, budget estimates, and personnel requirements.

The primary goal was to develop a satellite program without relying on any foreign know-how, to allow flexibility and creativity.Following political tension with Egypt and Syria, reconnaissance flights became evermore difficult.In 1979, a satellite program was proposed followed by a year of feasibility study.Today, the ISA satellite launches include: After the successful launch of the Ofeq-1 in 1988, additional satellites were developed.In 1989, the ISA launched the Ofeq-2; in April 1995, it took a leap forward with the launch of Ofeq-3, which carried an advanced electro-optical payload built by Israeli industry for local purposes. Following a setback with Ofeq-4, Ofeq-5 was successfully launched in May 2002.In 2010, the budget of the Israel Space Agency was increased to US million to boost the agency's space activities in research and development.


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