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Product teams inside of these companies are responsible for KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators.They often have very specific goals that feed into broader business goals. They might have a metric that tells them that people who post photos at least twice a month spend 10% more time on the sight than other users.Without erasing any important data, clearing cache fixes issues by deleting temporary files.

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Making more money may be the goal for short-sighted and destructive changes, but it certainly won't be the result.

To make more money, they would have to find a way to monetize the site without interfering with the user experience.

The big decisions in companies are made by people who are so removed from the realities of their decisions that they will square any number of circles to hit their "key metrics." This is how companies who once had a stranglehold on a market fail miserably..Facebook will over the coming general public should understand, you're not the consumer, you're the product.

it's not about what makes the website user friendly to make you comfortable, it's about making things as "cool" for you as possible so that you divulge as much information about yourself that is possible on a social media website, and then they sell this info to the customer: the big companies. our consumerist society is about consumerism, go figure.

Every change they make is "for the user" but keep in mind that the reason is to make "MOAR MONIESSSSS! We should (fill in with whatever) and we'd make more money."These are often completely hare-brained, and go against what developers and UX guys know to be truly horrific features that website users hate.

This is why has video that starts up on page load, despite everyone on the planet unanimously agreeing that the feature is annoying as do, the actual process in most companies isn't as straightforward as you make it seem.There are a lot of blowbacks, even in the best companies.However, I think what OP meant was more along the lines of "why are they making so many changes constantly that users get confused, while already having a working business model, shouldn't they sometimes have it figured out and reached a near-optimum state".I think while there is an outside pressure to keep moving this is partly caused by how people work: the are hired to better the company, so they have to do something to prove their worth, and they wont stop because that's what they are paid for.From search page to search results and image results, the whole thing has been redesigned several times as well.


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