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If you do not make a Will, the government effectively makes a Will for you.

And, although many people assume this will match their intentions, this is sadly not often the case.

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By making a last will & testament today, you can save them the heartache and trouble that can be caused by dying without a Will.

Making a Will is simple with a Lawpack Last Will & Testament Kit.

Now you can give yourself an unfair advantage and start right away with everything you need to dominate the Dating niche.

The Complete Dating Marketing Pack gets you off to a running start in the dating niche, with all the tools you need for any marketing strategy you choose.

Yes, included in our Last Will & Testament Kit is Will Form 3, called “Residue direct to children”, where you can leave your estate directly to your children.

If your children are over the age of 18, you can also use Will Form 1, “Simple Gift of Residue” which is appropriate for leaving your estate to adults.

Making a legally valid Last Will and Testament is the only effective way to ensure that you protect those that you care about.

The consequences of not making a Will fall hardest on those you love who are left behind.

The Guidance Manual included in the Will Kit will outline which form you should use.

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