Communicating in a dating relationship Middle aged sex dating

Just consider that your partner may have something to say that is worth listening to and considering.

By developing your communication skills, you and your partner will be able to establish and preserve a loving, respectful relationship between two people who love each other.

One of the biggest problems in communicating is that most couples have a basic misconception of what the purpose of communication is.

But the personal wants that come from deep down in you where you feel the most vulnerable: I want you to complement me, I want to be affectionate with you, I want to have a baby with you.

Many of us have grown up feeling ashamed of our wants.

However, the more that you communicate on this level, the more in touch with yourself you will be–the more authentic you will be as a person–the closer your partner will be able to feel to you.

When you and your partner communicate on this personal level, many of the trivial issues between you vanish.However, most of us mistakenly believe that the matter of communicating is simple.We fail to realize that rather than involving innate abilities, communication involves specific skills can be learned and developed in ourselves in order to talk with and listen to our loved ones.The only thing that you and your partner each needs to bring to the conversation is something that each of you can be sure of: your own thoughts, feelings and perceptions.However, talking personally about yourself is often more challenging than you might think.Rule #1 to follow when going into a conversation with your partner: unilaterally disarm. You are not going into a battle that you have to win.


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