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In the first storyline, a 56-year-old male patient is found to have cancer of the larynx.The man refuses to see an oncologist and says he is ready to die.Murphy finds Kalu surfing online to see whether he could pursue a romance with his patient.

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The first Lucy, whose real name is Beatrice shows up again: “I had to choose between premiums and tuition [for her son].” She continues to decline and is put on a vent.

When her heart stops, the doctors let it stop and do not call a code.

Her mother says that a world expert has diagnosed her as schizophrenic so they should put her on a hold and treat her for that.

Suddenly Bell wants to keep the patient in the hospital and move her to the VIP ward. While Bell stalls them, Hawkins and Nevins diagnose the patient with Wegener’s syndrome—a rare autoimmune disease but a treatable one.

As hospital president Glassman said “We have a duty to treat.

We have a right to get paid.” He says they have to call the police on the imposter.

Halstead tries to inquire why he is ready to die and the man responds that he is a pedophile who has never acted on his desires but cannot hold back anymore: “I have an itch that I haven’t scratched.

Cancer is my reward.” Halstead called for a psychiatric consult to have the man declared incompetent and start treatment.

Being on the spectrum, Murphy does not understand why one would need a smile, so he tells the patient that the surgery is too risky for a small benefit.


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  2. Men, to our detriment, are conditioned socially to squelch our feelings and display stoicism at all cost, anger as a fail safe, and sadness or despair only in the comfort of our own heads. Or Animal, but really, do I have to make that part clear? And maybe we’ve forgotten what part of it to value.

  3. Celebrity couples like George and Amal Clooney (17 years apart) and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (11 years) show that there are definitely exceptions to the conclusion below.

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