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Though she isn't much of a problem child, she has strange interests and hobbies..not even her parents are ever entirely sure what she's up to. Beautiful, confident and with a warm, self-effacing personality, Katherine is the cut-out image of the perfect trophy wife.

And, though she may be comfortable playing accessory to a wealthy businessman, Katherine has deeper desires that her money and influence can't quite satisfy.

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One of the groomsmen, and therefore part of the same frat from college.

Booth is something of a hypochondriac, and his seasickness and social awkwardness make him a subject of good-natured ridicule from his friends. A scholarship student with not a lot of private means, Beth is also quieter and more withdrawn than her boisterous, beautiful friends.

During Season 14, Frankie Abernathy left the show due to homesickness and conflict with roommates and was replaced by Charlie Dordevich.

Shauvon Torres of Season 19 left the show to pursue a relationship back home and was replaced by Ashli Robson.

During Season 20, Greg Halstead was removed from the show after being fired from work, and Joey Kovar left to show to enter a 30-day treatment program for alcoholism.

Halstead and Kovar were replaced by Nick Brown and Brittini Sherrod.

The Sheriff's daughter, Abby's mother was murdered by John Wakefield in the 2001 massacre. Henry used to summer on Harper's Island with his family.

Her father sank into a deep depression after this and sent Abby to live with her grandmother in L. Seven years later, she returns to Harper's Island to celebrate her best friend Henry's wedding. It was there that he met his future fiancee, Trish Wellington..cleaning her father's boat.

He is a self-made man, and the ultimate Determinator, completely committed to getting what he wants, including stopping his youngest daughter's wedding.


  1. Everyone have their little gray area of secret feeling which completes them by doing it.

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