Christian online dating sites uk

In other words, they applied 'Christian' as an adjective to the dating site itself, rather than to those who are intended to use it.

I tried several sites and saw the same profiles on each site.

After several months away from the site I returned and found the same men still looking.

'Seems to be the real dilemma between getting teaching in churches that suggests God has a plan for your life (including a possible partner) and then we need to wait on Him versus dating websites where you need to try and 'sell' yourself to potential candidates.

Takes a lot of energy and courage.''I have personally been selective about who I have told, because some Christians I know disapprove and think that if it's God's will, it should happen without us being pro-active like that, especially as a woman…

'I belong to Christian Connection, which is probably the best dating site I've seen.

All dating sites have the problem that you get to know the facts, but not the person – the opposite way round to when you meet people in real life.''I prefer to meet people face to face, though, e.g. I think everyone just puts their best points forward on a dating site, and for some people their hopes could be raised too high.I tend to liken it to giving your details to a job agency, which is exactly where all the jobs are!' There were some comments about a shopping mentality and that selecting people to approach was choosing by appearance. Didn't like the person I became, 'boy shopping' based on photos and a few stats.I think people on the Christian sites are not serious in their search for a marriage partner, they seem to be more interested in using the site to widen their group of friends and acquaintances.I no longer use the site but look at the discussion boards.There are more women than men on these sites so it was strange to see this.


  1. This is's version of a matchmaking website, similar to e Harmony in that you fill out a long questionairre and let Match Affinity take care of the matches, this is an excellent alternative with lots of members.

  2. Employers must ensure they maintain an ethically sound stance during interview stages.

  3. Press the Next button to go from one webcam chat room to another.

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