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I placed this huge lion print above the bar in our living room.Not only is it gorgeous, but it commands attention.

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All of those prints (and many of my other favorite art pieces) came from Minted. Yes, it does mean that if you want to remove them at some point it will be more difficult, but it will look so much better. A good coat of white ceiling paint will do the trick. If you really want your popcorn ceilings to blend in with everything else, paint your ceilings walls white.

They have a huge art selection with something for everyone. Chances are that if you’ve never painted your popcorn ceilings or don’t know if they were painted, that they are more dirtier than you think. I had no idea how beige-y and gross they were until I went to touch up a few spots I had hit on the ceiling with the pink paint. The eye will be tricked into barely seeing the popcorn at all.

I got a few estimates for the job and shockingly discovered that it was in fact in the budget to remove the popcorn ceilings for about $2000. These plug-in wall sconces used to flank our television in our old living room.

They helped to keep the attention on the wall and not upward on the ceiling.

First, make sure you buy the right tiles for your popcorn ceiling.

You can buy tiles that are applied with glue or staples or ones that require a grid system.

If you aren’t ready to go all white with your walls, then perhaps paint the upper half or third of the walls white with another color below that.

That would be similar to what I did in our old guest room.

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