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But I would go with revenue share for some time first to test that to ensure you pick the best paying program.

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Lots of promo tools: Live Banners, GEO Targeted Banners, Pop-up Messenger, Full Page Ads and more.

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The difference though is that Chaturbate pays – because of members tipping and upgrading their accounts!

If you create a white label webcam site with Chaturbate you do not have to have the ads showing.

Conveniently, these programs do also pay sky high commissions!

With Adult Webmaster Empire you can cash in on the world’s most popular adult webcam website, as well as with several niche webcam sites.Users just love the Chaturbate sex cam experience which is watching really sexy shows and just tip money to the girls at will – luckily people do tip quite a lot!You will find a lot of marketing tools to use including live streaming iframes with or without the chat box and also a lot of banners.It seems to be the consensus that it is the most profitable affiliate program for adult webcam chat.Webmasters are suggesting to go with the lifetime revenue share option for the best earnings over time with this affiliate program.Overall one of my favorite adult webcam affiliate programs now.


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