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“I didn’t know I cared for her until I tried to play her. They dated off-and-on until February when they were involved in a domestic dispute.

The album also garnered the new artist four nominations at the 2005 Grammy Awards.

Her 2Justin Timberlake (and the racy video that accompanied the song).

Apparently, the “Baby” rapper made the comment about the 33-year-old singer at a club over the weekend of July 19. “I believe she is over it and you should be too,” someone else added.

When their collaborative song “Like You” came on, he yelled into a microphone, “I had this b**** first.” Yo @50cent wassup with your boy @shadmoss? He keep wilding on her name @theshaderoom @balleralert #bowwow #ciara #shaderoom #50cent A post shared by Stacks Cartier (@8hunnit_productions) on Fans quickly called him out over the comment. The entertainers dated in 2004 and had even been engaged for a bit.

Ciara and Bow Wow Ciara and Bow Wow do not appear to be appeared. They not even engaged it is just a friendship ring!

Some people say they are and some say they're not but the only ones that really know are Bow

At this point, Bow Wow is arguably known more for his controversies than his music.

From allegedly lying about flying on a private plane to messing up the intro at the 2016 Grammys (twice), the “Fresh Azimiz” rapper has had some serious fails. Just days ago, Bow Wow made an incredibly disrespectful comment about his very married ex-girlfriend, Ciara — and fans are super upset about it.

== == It started in the middle of the summer or that is at least when it was avalible to the public.

Everybody has their own opinions on Bow Wow and Ciara......... I think Bow Wow is the greatest and same with Ciara......

There was a false rumor about Ciara that she was born as a boy.there has been rumor around the internet that hip-hop artist, Ciara, was once hermaphrodite until the age of 11 when she had surgery to remove her male “appendages”.


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