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Furthermore, officials, often male, may choose not to enforce laws.Local and regional governments also lack the resources to implement the laws.

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As of 2010, half of Morales' political cabinet consists of women.

Morales stated that he had dreamt of the opportunity to have half the cabinet members be women, and called a "homage," to the women in his family.

Although the Constitution of Bolivia guarantees equal rights for women and men, women in Bolivia face struggles and discrimination in several aspects of their lives.

According to the Human Development Report published by the Office of the United Nations Development Programme, in Bolivia "men receive more and better education than women, receive increased and better health assistance than women, and have the possibility to generate greater income while working less..we consider that women, as opposed to men, also have..almost exclusive responsibility for domestic work".

Illiteracy of Bolivian women is also a possible cause, as women are unable to educate themselves about the laws that protect them.

Despite growth, indigenous women continue to lack influence in the political system.

Since men are generally more educated than women, especially among the indigenous population, the high illiteracy rate make it difficult for women to learn the dominant language Spanish which disables them to participate in the labor market.

In the 19th century, the 1830 civil code of Bolivia oversaw women's rights in the country.

However, the women did not like this idea, because they thought their opportunity would take away from their husband's opportunity to earn money.


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