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I can't wait to see if we can find love."With no chance to swipe left, send a selfie or message back, the class of 2017 must break with modern day dating convention and rely on their basic instincts to find the chemistry.

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Featurette Presented in 1.78:1 16x9 enhanced with a runtime of .

This featurette had brief snippets of interviews with cast and crew describing the film in great detail.

The music, by Heitor Pereirais pleasant enough without being memorable.

As one would expect for a romantic comedy/drama the audio is spread mostly across the front speakers with very little in way of effects in the rear speakers.

The transfer is slightly soft, which is surprising given that the film is a recent release.

Unfortunately it is cropped down to 1.78:1 from its original theatrical ratio of 2.35:1, probably to pacify those viewers who can't cope with black bars on the top and bottom of their displays!

Deleted scenes There were plenty of scenes presented in their original ratio of 2.35:1 letterboxed.

There were some good scenes that would have definitely fleshed out the story and characters.

Of course in the way of all romantic comedies, one fine day Danny himself accidentally meets Leeza (played by Anjali Jay - His real-life wife, Jane Seymour, has, for me, the most memorable role in this film.

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