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Even though it's a tad trashy, unless you're into that scene.

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They have an awesome Rocky Horror Picture Show every year around Halloween. Unless you have an active outdoor lifestyle (fishing, hiking, skiing, hunting, etc.) There's honestly not a whole lot to do up here besides shoot stuff and drink your depression away.

If you go, try the Key Lime Pie, Froot Loop, and Classy Trashy drinks, I believe those are house signatures. Yeah there's bars down town, but it gets boring and expensive really quick. As long as you're willing to adapt to the dark you should be pretty fine.

The bar scene varies like most places, depending on where you go.

If you like drag shows, Mad Myrna's will be your spot.

The lack of public transportation is definitely a drawback. I’m interested in social work at UAA with a significant focus on addiction, indigenous communities and queer/trans folks. Also online dating is pretty active here it wouldn't hurt to seeing this areas locals.

None of my lgbtq friends have had too many issues with homophobia. There's a couple gay bars in town, but you're pretty much limited to those if you are looking to meet fellas. Good luck There is homophobia here if you attend the bar scene downtown. The downtown bar scene is also very inclusive depending on which venues you go to. Sadly, Grindr is the best gay social networking and dating app around.We have two openly gay politicians too: Christopher Constant and Felix Rivera. It's colder here than Seattle and it's a lot darker longer.Get a Happy Light and take Vitamin D supplements while you're up here.You're Alaska Native, we have the best healthcare IHS has to offer in the United States, so take advantage of that.Best of luck on your an FYI anchorage fbx and juneau are on par with the national average for cities their size in terms of stds rapes sexual assaults.Culture here is pretty good so long as you're tied in with a Native Corp honestly.


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