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After the vote Nick refuses to say goodbye to his teammates with a negative distant attitude and gives them the cold shoulder during his exit, causing Matt to feel less guilty about his decision to vote him off.

The Red Team consists of all the men and is trained by Jillian, while the Blue Team consists of all the women and is trained by Bob.

The contestants' first challenge is in a nose diving airplane. It comes down to Suzy, who must lose more than 19 pounds.

Each week, the team which had the lowest percentage of total weight-loss was required to vote out one member of their own team. Seth was awarded $50,000 for his second-place finish, and Suzy was awarded $25,000 for third.

Of the non-finalists, Pete had lost the highest percentage of weight and received the $100,000 prize.

Pete and Ryan nearly pass out and get taken to the hospital. At the weigh-in, Ryan needs to lose 5 pounds to win and pulls through for her team with a 5-pound weight loss.

The Red Team loses and is sent to the elimination room for the second time.

The trainers say in the workout before the challenge that the week will focus on balance, speed, and agility.

The challenge ultimately is walking across a big beam over water.

Each participant drew a card face down and flipped it over one by one.

Seth won 00, Mark won 00, Shannon won 00, Suzanne won 00, and Jen won 00.

Jillian comes into the gym and apologizes for "blowing up" after Matt says that the five members (all except Nick) need her more than anything.

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