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The choices you make affect the story, so you have to go on very carefully.With English voice acting and animated backgrounds, the novel can hold your interest until the end.To discover what happened to him, he will have to know the local people. Price: Free Download How about turning the clock back and relieving high school memories?

Give your love for out-of-the-box stories a huge boost with these 2019's top visual novel apps for i Phone and i Pad!

You can choose from multiple characters to play and get the desired outcome based on the decision you make.

The entire story revolves around Aoi Minase and Kotori Habane— a girl who uses a wheelchair.

They decide to resurrect their school’s defunct Soaring Club. It’s set in Kazegaura, Japan and pretty nice to play with your friends.

Price: Free Download So, much about the plain love story. The Arcana is an excellent mystery romance game, and the entire story is set in a mystical Tarot world.

At the crux of the story is a murder mystery, which you have to solve.Explore reading and gaming experience with these best visual novel apps for i Phone and i Pad apps.Designed with some beautiful story-telling and gaming sessions, they are a delight to play.Along the way, you will also experience romance, drama, and friendship.And the outcome will depend on how you tackle every challenge coming your way!Price: Free Download Everlasting Summer has an intriguing story that keeps you engrossed throughout.


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