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The Gingko Avenue of Diaoyutai is reputed as the best site to feel the beauty of the autumn.Towering gingko trees stand along the road, with an eyeful of golden leaves hanging on stretching branches.

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Date: the third Sunday in October Length: 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) Duration: 6 hours Starting Point: Tiananmen Square Terminal Point: Convention Center of Olympic Park Race Event: men's race, women's race, team race Participants: professional athletes and amateurs from all over the world Men's Race Record: by Tadese Tola Woldegeberel from Ethiopia in 2013 Women's Race Record: by Sun Yingjie from China in 2003The emblem of the Beijing Marathon represents five athletes rushing to the finish line.

The five figures with different colors stand for runners of different complexions from five continents.

From Terminal 3, it’s 5 minutes longer because the train stops at T1/T2 before heading to Sanyuanqiao subway station and then continuing to Dongzhimen metro station.

From Sanyuanqiao or Dongzhimen, you can navigate yourself to your destination using the Beijing subway. The Beijing subway is awesome – The Beijing subway is easy to use, inexpensive, and it’s the best way to get around Beijing.

I just got back yesterday from a 38 hour Mileage Run Vacation to Beijing.

Since I wasn’t in transit to a third country, I had to obtain a 10 year Chinese Visa for 0 beforehand from the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles.You may want to take a walk around in the spare time.During that time, tree leaves turn into golden yellow, decorated modern blocks with specks of shining color.Marathon is a high-intensity event which requires a strong body. Therefore, the first and most important thing is to make sure you are vigorous enough to finish the race. Since the first Beijing Marathon in 1981, this worldwide sports event has been more and more popular and attracts thousands of participants around the world every year.

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