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It considered to be a fine example of Indian brickwork, and was highly influential in the development of later architectural traditions.According UNESCO, “the present temple is one of the earliest and most imposing structures built entirely in brick from the late Gupta period.” Mahabodhi Temple’s central tower rises to 180.5 feet (55 meters), and was heavily renovated in the nineteenth century.Cereals and rice were being cultivated, as is evidenced by rice husk impressions in the Black and Red ware pottery. Also arising during this time were new techniques in the creation of pottery, resulting in mirror-like light ceramic known as Northern Black Polished Pottery.

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The city’s center, the Mahabodhi Temple, was in serious disrepair by the 1880s, when a Burmese mission to repair the temple began.

At the same time the British annexed Burma, spurring the Britain into supportive action.

It is divided into two sub-divisions; the principal section which contains the Temple and six of the sacred spots, while the secondary section holds the Lotus Pond (also a sacred spot) where the Buddha meditated in the sixth week following his Enlightenment.

Mahabodhi Temple is constructed of brick and is one of the oldest brick structures to have survived in eastern India.

Inside, the temple holds a massive and spectacular bronze statue of Buddha.

In a 100 year old garden beside the Thai temple is an 82 foot (25 m) recently erected statue of the Buddha. The Mahabodhi Temple Complex consists of the Temple and seven additional sacred spots.The village of Bodh Gaya is in the Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar.It is situated west of the Phalgu River, a tributary of the Ganges River.India’s 2001 census reported Bodh Gaya’s population as 30,883.Bodh Gaya is considered by Buddhists as one of the world’s holiest cities, having served as the place of Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment.Also during this time a Ceylonese Buddhist leader, Anagarika Dharmapala, began a long campaign to return responsibility for the temple to Buddhist management.

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