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The physical characteristics derived from skeletal remains suggested that these people were related to modern Nilotic peoples, such as the Nuer and Dinka.

Subsequent radiocarbon dating firmly established Arkell's site to between 70 BCE.

The earliest blade industries in North Africa belong to the Iberomaurusian or Oranian (after a site near Oran).

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North Africa is defined by the United Nations to consist of the seven countries or territories situated between the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara.

Geographically, it can also be held to include the Saharan portions of Mauritania, Mali, Niger, and Chad.

Between about 90 BC, the Capsian culture made its appearance showing signs to belong to the Neolithic and began influencing the Iberomaurusian, and after about 3000 BC the remains of just one human culture can be found throughout the former region.

Neolithic society (marked by animal domestication and subsistence agriculture) spread in the Saharan and Mediterranean North Africa after the Levante between 60 BC.

200,000 BCE); in fact, more recent investigations have found signs of Oldowan technology there, and indicate a date of up to 1.8 million BC.(after the site Bir el Ater, south of Annaba) and are marked by a high standard of workmanship, great variety, and specialization.

Humans in North Africa (Nazlet Sabaha, Egypt) are known to have dabbled in chert mining, as early as ~100,000 years ago, likely for use as tools.

In the southern Sahara, the drying trend was initially counteracted by the monsoon, which brought rain further north than it does today.

By around 4200 BC, however, the monsoon retreated south to approximately where it is today, These conditions are responsible for what has been called the Sahara pump theory.

They were executed by hunter-gatherery of the Capsian period who lived in a savanna region teeming with giant buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus.

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