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Remember that George Bush Senior said atheists shouldn't be considered as citizens because America is one nation under God.It's a shame because 200 years ago both Ulster and America were dominated by radical, progressive and sceptical voices, such as the Founding Fathers and the United Irishmen.I wish more leaders were eclectic and not chained by religious tenets, but by the love & compassion os the heart.

This exclusivist Christian ideology reflects the narrow authoritarian religious and political culture in which we live.

While the majority of people, including Christians, are generally tolerant and open-minded, the public discourse is still dominated by an outmoded religious hegemony.

Luke’s census and shepherds) is troublesome, consider the chart below.

During the election campaign, Michael D Higgins, Ireland's new president, described himself as "spiritual", rather than religious.

This is worth noting because it would appear that the people of Ireland have just elected the least institutionally-religious of the available candidates for president.

That may tell us something about the current cultural mood in Ireland.

This means that Northern Ireland can be a cold house for atheists, sceptics and humanists.

The old attitude that an atheist is either a fool or a knave ("The fool hath said in his heart there is no good...

In this article for Will & Testament, he explains why so many atheists in Northern Ireland have chosen to keep their heads down.

Atheism is one of the last taboos, and Northern Ireland is similar to America in this respect.

Humanists believe that believers and non-believers should both have the freedom to choose on this matter.


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