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Hilgenbrink channels Seann William Scott with a very accurate impression.That doesnt make Hilgenbrink one-tenth as funny as Scott, but at least he makes the kid look and sound like a Stifler.

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However, Matt changes stripes mid-movie and indeed attempts to become a real boy.

He doesnt totally lose his obnoxiousness, but the film tries to have him grow and learn. The shift occurs so rapidly that it never appears believable, and the whole thing comes across as insipid and insincere.

The Shermanator from the original flick, he disliked the elder Stifler and takes out his disdain on Matt.

Instead of expulsion, Sherman enacts an even more terrible punishment: Matt must spend a summer at band camp.

Matt is up to his old tricks, and his methods earn him many enemies.

Among them are arrogant rich kid Brandon Vandecamp (Matt Barr), and the pair snipe at each other throughout the film.

Join the fun as the 'Stiffmeister' legend reaches outrageous new heights with hot camp counselors, ultra-steamy hidden cameras and a stimulating encounter with a certain musical instrument.

Co-starring Jim's Dad, Eugene Levy, and an irresistible cast including a pair of Playmates, it's a Pie-style party you'll never forget. MPAA: Rated NR Presentation: Widescreen 1.78:1/16x9 Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 Subtitles: English Closed-captioned Runtime: 95 min.

Back when I reviewed Pie 2, I stated that Stifler would look ridiculous if they tried to turn him into a real human being.


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