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Lambert auditioned for the eighth season of American Idol in San Francisco, California.

Let’s continue to link arms this year and move forward. ❤️A post shared by @ amyschumer on Mary Poppins, Audrey, Ariel, Ms. Toad, Avril, Nancy Drew, Posh Spice, Rizzo, Frida Kahlo, Steve Irwin, Dorothy..

Women, we are amazing and our love for each other is so deep.

For one thing, he's still in his twenties, as of this writing, and it's no secret that Hollywood tends to be more generous with men and age than it is with women — just look at Zac Efron, who went from teen sensation to full-on movie star.

Colfer also has the versatility factor on his side.

Unfortunately, the word "outsider" isn't always the most sellable word in Hollywood.

, required him to — you guessed it — sing and perform on stage. For us, we rose from the dead, so that was a good thing! This new year we decided to dress up as our childhood heroes.We hope your New Year’s Eve celebrations were all that you wanted them to be and we look forward to exploring 2019 with you! Here is how all your favorite celebrities celebrated the New Year! best-selling novelist and parlayed that literary success into a different kind of Hollywood power on the production end. With each passing season, TV watchers became more and more used to seeing Colfer as Kurt.Perhaps it's fair to say that Chris Colfer is no longer wondering why Hollywood won't cast him anymore, because he's now calling his own shots. It's a problem that many actors on long-running television shows face, and it's often why they never really recover. Colfer seems keenly aware of this concept, and instead of trying to move directly from .was calling him "the show's breakout star," thanks to his "golden voice and an uncanny ability to cry on cue." But after the once-popular musical dramedy went off the air, the Golden Globe-winning actor seemed to completely shift gears.

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