Adventist church dating site

I’ve also noticed that there’s some humor going into the posts and to be honest, when I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a joke or serious, but then I saw my friend holding a “Still Single” sign and I was like, “Ok, this is for real.” But still, it seems like there’s an edge of humor to it and your use of emojis give it a playful vibe. Founder: Haha – well, we don’t want to come across as too serious.

The page also shares quotes and encouragement, fully loaded with your favourite emojis.

When a person is featured, a special “Saot W” badge is mailed out to them, bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical.

Sometimes we get a random connection with a friend we haven’t seen in a long time, and sometimes we even make new friends that blossom long before we even meet in person. Once upon a time as a young single Adventist, you would go to college anticipating meeting your future spouse.

However, for those that didn’t attend an Adventist University, your next option was youth gatherings, camp meetings, vesper nights or youth socials.

If it all checks out, seek God in prayer and ask Him to open and close doors accordingly. Get out of your comfort zone – nothing exciting ever happens there. But after a few minutes of actually reading about the people featured, I saw that the openness of the platform makes it a great way for people to connect and see how many awesome single men and women are in the church and living full lives for God.

If you see someone you might like to develop a friendship with who is featured on SAot W, say hi! I know that there’s much more where that came from on the Instagram account. stating that among couples who married between 20, one third of them met online.

I think Single Adventist of the Week has the potential to blow up. How likely do you think a page like this is to connect Adventist millennials and even lead to happy marriages?

Also, did you even finish this article before going to check it out?

We’d love to feature single Adventists from all corners of the globe who are involved in ministry yet haven’t had the time or opportunity to meet their helpmeet 😉 Founder: Currently, I’m working through my direct networks of single friends, or am approaching trusted friends who understand the concept and can recommend people they know who might fit the bill.

Generally, I’m targeting (but not limited to) those who love Jesus, are involved in some form of ministry, generally more than 25 years old and practice what they preach; people nominate their friends based on this criteria.

If your Adam or Eve didn’t come to these events, you were left with very limited options, “Should I stay single forever? ”Recently, many single Adventists have turned to online dating, only to discover that the person they have been eyeing out from campmeeting hasn’t signed up.


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