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That’s great, because these items are already separated from the lease and we should not add them back in. Here’s a summary of where the guidance set out in this post can be found in IFRS 16: So, there you have it!Therefore, in a net lease, variable payments by the lessee for property taxes and insurance are excluded from lease payments, whereas in a gross lease, fixed payments by the lessor for such items are included in the lease payments. See Example 12 within ASC 842 for further information (ASC 842-10-55-141 through 55-145) for further information. You’ll be happy to learn that there are no differences in the accounting for these charges under IFRS as compared to U. I hope this post has helped you understand the accounting for CAM charges, property taxes, and insurance under both ASC 842 and IFRS 16.Can’t we just separate out maintenance (,000) as the non-lease component and call the rest (3,276) the lease component? 842-10-15-33 states a residual estimation approach may be appropriate if the standalone price for a component is highly variable or uncertain. They are not considered components of a contract and, therefore, do not receive any allocation of the consideration in the contract.

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We were going through the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842) and I was reviewing a class discussion question that had me second guessing the answer I was providing to the participants.

The question dealt with how to account for common area maintenance charges and property taxes under ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Non-lease components are not within the scope of ASC 842 and, therefore, are accounted for in accordance with other Topics. ASC 842-10-15-37 states a lessee may, as an accounting policy election by class of underlying asset, choose not to separate non-lease components from lease components and instead account for all components as a single lease components. ASC 842-10-15-30 clarifies that components, either lease or non-lease, include only those items or activities that transfer a good or service to the lessee.

It states that the following are not components of a contract and do not receive an allocation of the consideration in the contract: Examples of such costs include property taxes and insurance. GAAP Dynamics leases an office space in Midlothian, VA that represents 25% of the total space of the entire building.

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ASC 842 requires us to separate the lease and non-lease components based on their relative standalone prices.

We provided the standalone price of the maintenance (,000), the non-lease component, but what about the relative standalone price of the lease component?

In a net lease, the lessee, not the lessor, is responsible for payment of these items, which are variable.


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