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The helpline received more than 100,000 calls from 39,800 callers during the first nine months of operation.

The helpline maintained an operational uptime of 99.81% (6450/6462 hours); and answered more than 81.33% (83,050/102,115) of all calls.

More than three-fourths of the calls came between am- pm.

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There were 38.97% (15,509/39,800) of the callers that were provided contacts of different HIV/AIDS referral services.

Many MSM clients reported increased self-esteem in dealing with their sexual identity and disclosing the same with their family and spouse; and an increase in HIV/AIDS risk-reduction behaviors like consistent condom use and HIV testing.

IVRS function was monitored through an online dashboard of indicators.

The system also provided real-time reporting on callers and services provided.

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