10 mistakes women make dating men

It doesn’t mean you have to talk with your mouth full. If he chooses a fancy restaurant, refresh your lessons on dining etiquette. Over dinner, your date could bring up a topic that you feel particularly passionate about.

The prudent thing to do would be to state your point of view and to refrain from arguing.

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And frankly, that's a reasonable question on his part.

Dating Tip: Think of your new relationship as a movie.

Read on to learn the mistakes women frequently encounter on their quest to meet The One. After a promising first date, it's natural to feel excited about the possibilities.

But don't start flipping through bridal magazines just yet.

There are women who are on the lookout for a man who would take care of them and assert authority over them, like how their fathers used to.

Re-evaluate your checklist and make sure you’re not on the lookout for a ‘father figure’.

Unless he asks (most guys probably wouldn’t on the first date), don’t bring up your past relationships.

A first date is the start of something new, not the occasion to bring out any skeletons from your closet.

Sit back and watch it play out—let things evolve naturally. When we project what we get into trouble when nit-picking situations and making something out of nothing.

Furthermore, for some reason, we tend to ask our girlfriends to help us figure out our boyfriends. Dating Tip: Cut out the middle-man (or in this case, middle-woman) when trying to discern what your new guy is thinking. We all value things we have to work for, so it behooves women be very available to a guy we've just met! Consume yourself with your passions, goals, and dreams. Put your best foot forward and give your new relationship a strong chance of success by following the tips listed above.

Instead of asking your girlfriends to decipher his last text, see what your brother, cousin, or dad has to say. Carving out space in your schedule for your new guy will communicate two things—1) you've got a super busy fabulous life and 2) you like him enough to make time for him!


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