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There is every reason to believe right now that things are getting worse for transgender people, not better.So why did I still expect 2018 to start off less violently than 2017 did?

Two dozen killings are more than enough to make a tiny percentage of the population afraid of suffering a similar fate, whether in our homes or on the streets.

It’s easy for me to expect the violence to eventually dissipate from the privileged vantage point afforded by my whiteness and my employment.

As Buzz Feed also reported, a new anti-transgender military policy could come as soon as Feb.

21, after Trump’s initial ban suffered defeats in court last year.“Sure, there are a few transgender people on TV and in the movies now, but I think people in my position have been falsely conditioned to believe that a certain kind of media visibility precedes a deluge of acceptance.”Is it any surprise that anti-transgender violence is not abating in 2018 when the federal government seems determined not to protect this marginalized community, but to actively persecute it instead?

As a recent GLAAD survey suggested, even American support for same-sex couples has the potential to backslide.

I think, like too many people who are shielded from the worst forms of discrimination, I saw media visibility on the rise a few years ago and assumed that cultural acceptance for my community would automatically follow.

Discrimination—in the workplace, in bathrooms, in public—is still widespread.

The only difference is that now, the Trump administration has been rolling back what few protections transgender people have secured, first removing important guidance on transgender students’ restroom usage and then trying to ban transgender people from military service.

The , citing a friend of Steele-Knudslien, described the pageant founder as “a bubbly, vibrant fighter who encouraged those around her to be their best selves.”Gutierrez, as the Anti-Violence project noted, was described by friends as “the nicest girl in the world” and “an inspiration.”Harvey, as the Human Rights Campaign reported, was “sweet and loving,” according to a friend who mourned her on social media.

Walker, as described by a friend who criticized the local media on Facebook for misgendering her, was “not a pageant girl,” but rather someone who didn’t “enjoy going to gay clubs or events” and lived a “low key life where she did whatever needed to be done in order for her to survive.”Even then, these descriptions are just snippets of who these people were—and what they meant to other people.

After all, the social factors that perpetuate anti-transgender violence are still securely in place.


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